Southeast Alaska Criminal Defense Lawyer

Protecting the Rights of Citizens

Attorney Julie Willoughby has over 15 years of experience representing individuals who have been charged with crimes. She is familiar with the tactics used by Alaska law enforcement to investigate and prosecute alleged offenders, and she can help you identify when your rights may have been violated. The help of a skilled Juneau criminal defense attorney can be critical if you are facing prosecution for a crime. Ms. Willoughby’s knowledge of both state and federal laws equips her to investigate your circumstances with the care and attention that you deserve, and to craft sophisticated arguments on your behalf. She provides aggressive representation in a wide variety of criminal matters, whether felony or misdemeanor, such as DUIs, assaults, fish and game offenses, sex crimes, drug offenses, and homicides.

Fighting Charges in Alaska

In criminal cases, the standard of proof that the prosecutor must reach is very high. He or she must establish your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. There are many ways to undermine the prosecution’s case.

For example, evidence should be excluded if you were stopped without adequate suspicion of a crime, searched without a warrant or consent, or had items improperly seized from your car, home, or other personal space. Likewise, you may have been arrested on suspicion of criminal activity without having been properly informed of your rights, such as the right to remain silent and the right to be represented by an attorney. If your lawyer persuades the judge that law enforcement has violated your rights, statements and evidence arising from those unlawful actions can be excluded from the proceedings. When this happens, the prosecution often will need to consider whether its case is still viable. You may find that your charges are reduced or even dropped.

Consult a Capable Attorney When Facing Prosecution

As a long-time Alaskan resident, Julie Willoughby has been consistently recognized as an approachable, knowledgeable, and talented Juneau criminal defense lawyer. She is listed as one of the 100 Best National Trial Lawyers, and is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Alaska Trial Lawyers Association. If you are facing charges for a DUI, fish and game violation, or other serious offense, Ms. Willoughby can assist you. Her office offers free consultations 24/7 and serves individuals throughout Southeast Alaska. For more information, contact us her at (907) 586-1415, or through our online form.