Fish & Game Offenses

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Alaska is well known for some of the strictest and most complex hunting and fishing laws in the nation. These rules must be carefully followed in order to avoid harsh fines and penalties. Criminal defense attorney Julie Willoughby has lived and worked in Southeast Alaska for many years. She has an extensive knowledge of the fish and game rules and regulations that affect residents and visitors in Southeastern Alaska.

Common Fish and Game Offenses in Alaska The Department of Fish and Game reports that common hunting violations include:
  • Hunting in the incorrect area;
  • Failing to correctly identify game;
  • Failing to salvage all edible meat;
  • Shooting from the highway;
  • Using artificial lights;
  • Exceeding bag limits; and
  • Failing to follow proper procedures associated with permits.

Under Alaska law, any of these types of behavior could result in significant consequences.

Laws on Fishing and Hunting

Alaska has enacted regulations that control many types of hunting and fishing activities. People who violate them can face a range of significant penalties, including jail time, fines of thousands of dollars, the loss of hunting equipment, and a revocation of the right to hunt or fish. Additionally, since most states are now members of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact, which requires other states to honor judgments against game violators in any state, an individual who is convicted of violating a hunting or fishing regulation in Alaska can lose his or her right to hunt or fish in every state throughout the nation.

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Whether you are a long-time resident of Alaska or a newcomer to the state, being informed about its regulations is essential before hunting or fishing here. This area of the law is particularly complex because the rules governing the timing and means of these activities change frequently. If you have been charged with a hunting or gaming violation and are seeking a strong defense, it is important to reach out to a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Felony lawyer Julie Willoughby has over a decade of experience helping individuals throughout Alaska evaluate their charges and present any defenses that may be available. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your concerns, contact us at 907-586-1415 or online.